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Since 2001:

   The company has a leading position in the industry of concentrated fruit juice, fruit beverages and other fruit-related products after years of development.

   April 2012----Held the 2011 Return Banquet.

   March 2012-----Certificated as the fourth batch of Shaanxi Provincial Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise.

   February 2012-----Honored as the advanced unit in safely management of special equipment by Jingyang Quality and Technical Supervision Burea.

   January 2012-----The principal county leader visited the Wonder factory on Spring Festival Eve.

   November 2011----Successfully passed the reinspection of Code of Good Practice for Standardization AA grade.

   October 2011----The president was invited and interviewed in “how to increase income and explore the potential of the company”.

   September 2011----The company, joining hands with Xi’an Music Radio, the People’s Broadcasting Station of Xi’an and Project Hope office of Xi’an donated books to Zihong middle school .

   September 2011---- Huludao Wonder Fruit Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the 7th China (Liaoning / Shenyang) International Agricultural Exposition.

   August 2011----10th anniversary of the SkyPeople Juice Group Co., Ltd.

   August 2011-----SkyPeople (China) and 931 Xi’an Music Radio held the social activity “pass on orange lanterns of love to poor children by donating books ” .

   August 2011----The Company entered into a Letter of Intent with the People’s Government of Suizhong County, Liaoning Province, to establish a fruit and vegetable industry chain and further processing demonstration zone in Suizhong County, Liaoning Province.

   May 2011----Deputy Party Secretary of Yidu City visited SkyPeople (China).

   April 2011----SkyPeople (China) was the only sponsor of the China’s Got Talent  Xi’an area.

   March 2011----The investment bank of the Wall Street visited the SkyPeople (China).

   December 2010----Successfully hold the 5th Hedetang Get-together and Return Banquet.

   December 2010----Leaders of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C. were paid a visit to SkyPeople (China).

   November 2010----Chen Xi, Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the C.P.C., paid an inspectin visit to Huludao Wonder Fruit Co., Ltd.

   November 2010----Tian Shuhuai, Secretary of County Party Committee made a site tour to Huludao Wonder Fruit Co., Ltd.

   October 2010----SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. successfully moved to NASDAQ, entering the Global Market .

   September 2010----Held opening ceremony for Wonder Fruit’s second stage project .

   September 2010----SkyPeople (China) attended the China Juice 2010 as the only beverages sponsor.

   July 2010---- Yingkou Trusty Fruit Co., Ltd. started the 2010 squeezing season.

   February 2010----Honored as the 2009 Outstanding & Integrity Enterprise .

   February 2010-----Hedetang Brand was honored as the Shaanxi Famous Brand .

   December 2009----Successfully held the 4th Hedetang Get-together and Return Banquet.

   December 2009----The company officially changed its name to SkyPeople Juice Group Co., Ltd.

   December 2009---- Awarded as Contract-Credit Enterprise .

   December 2009----Certified as High-Tech Enterprise.

   August 2009----The Hedetang brand was awarded Xi’an Famous Brand.

   April 2009----Entered into an agreement with Zhouzhi County government on the meeting of 2009 statement & presentation of Xi’an investment environment .

   April 2009----The company with his subsidiaries entered the list of products of famous brand.

   March 2009----The leaders of both municipal and provincial levels paid an inspection visit to Jingyang deep processing project.

   March 2009----Awarded the “2008 Integrity Unit”.

   March 2009---- Shaanxi Qiyiwangguo Modern Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. was certificated as the third batch of Shaanxi Provincial Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise.

   March 2009---- Agriculture Bureau of Shanxi Province director visited the Zhouzhi Branch.

   December 2008---- Passed the ISO9001 certification.

   December 2008---- Certified as Provincial Enterprise Technology Center by Shaanxi government .

   December 2008----Company’s director, Xue Yongke was awarded the 2008 Shaanxi Economic Pioneer .

   December 2008---- Successfully held the 3nd Hedetang Get-together.

   December 2008----Certified as National Food Industry Excellent Leading Food Company in 2007 to 2008.

   December 2008----Leaders of Suizhong County government visited the Compnay.

   November 2008----Vitamin C kiwi juice was honored the most famous product in Shaanxi Tourism Commodity Exposition .

   July 2008---- Became the member of Shaanxi Kiwi Fruit Association Units.

   May 2008----Awarded as Contract-Credit Enterprise by Xi’an Industrial and Commercial Bureau.


   May 2008----Became as Vice President Unit of Shaanxi Economic Development Association and Shaanxi Commercial Council.

   April 2008-----Successfully passed the Code of Good Practice for Standardization AA grade.

   February 2008----Held the training for the top-tier and mid-level staff of management.

   December 2007---- Successfully held the 2nd Hedetang Get-together Party.

   December 2007----Huludao Wonder Fruit Co., Ltd. successfully held New Year’s Day get-together party.

   December 2007----Hedetang’s apple juice concentrated was awarded the  title of Xi’an Famous Products.

   November 2007----Huludao Wonder Fruit Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001 and HACCP certification.

  July 2007----Launched the campaign against smoking in the secondary manufacturing factory .

    July 2007----Elected with high ballot as 3rd director of Executive Council in the China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce Juice Brach held in Xiamen on July 4 .

   June 2007---- Awarded as Contract-Credit Enterprise .

   February 2007----Launched the Hedetang kiwi fruit juice with pulp (king of vitamin C) and mulberry juice (vitamin Se).

   April 2007----Successfully hold the training to the fruit grower .

   December 2006----Successfully hold the 2007 Hedetang Get-together.

   December 2006----Certified as National High and New Tech Enterprises by Xi’an Science and Technology Bureau.

   December 2006---- Shaanxi Qiyiwangguo Modern Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. was certificated as the first batch of Xi’an-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise.

   November 2006----certified as the Leading Enterprise of the China Food Industry from 2005 to 2006.

   August 2006-----Revised its business scope to begin producing, manufacturing and marketing in agricultural product including fruit juice concentrated and the with the scope of its business directed toward pre-packed food including concentrated fruit and vegetables juices, fructose, pectin, fast-frozen and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, and fruit cider.

   June 2006-----The Company acquired 91.15% of the equity interest of Shaanxi Qiyiwangguo Modern Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. which is the biggest Kiwi fruit production base and Professional processing enterprises. The control of Qiyiwangguo laid the foundation for the kiwi product in domestic and international, making the company take a great step and creating a profit growth point and dramatic competitive advantage.

   June 2005----Xi'an Zhonglv renamed as Shaanxi Tianren Organic Food Co., Ltd. with the scope of its business directed toward organic product, green product, pollution–free product and R&D and service for the advanced biological engineering product.

   March 2005----Passed the organic certification .

   December 2004----Passed the HACCP certification.

   December 2004----Launched the PET package beverage .

   July 2004----Awarded the “Green Enterprise”.

   June 2004----Kiwi products passed the Kosher certification.

   April 2004----Apple juice concentrated was awarded the Shaanxi Famous Products by people's Government of Shaanxi Province .

   November 2002----Revised its business scope to begin producing concentrated fruit juices.

   August 2001---- Xi'an Zhonglv(the former name of the company )was established in Xi'an .





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